Notable Past Clients

Hi. I'm Brian.

I like to:

  • make things simple. Kind of like this portfolio site...

  • drink a couple beers when folding laundry.

  • think how stuff works.

  • learn new programs to make things.

About Me

Data Driven

When it comes time to make a decision, it is best to let the data point you in the right direction. Some data is better than none. It help us remove our implicit bias and allows the numbers to make the call and not our emotions.

Proven Results

I have worked with some of the biggest companies in the United States. My products always improved the lives of users. A couple were built to saves lives!

Possibly Fun to Work With

The friendships that I have built over the years would make a fun section of this portfolio. Plus if you can’t have fun with it all, then what’s the point?

3 Qualities I Pride Myself In