Engagement Overview

My experience at 5/3 Bank started with a total redesign of their Android native application. In doing so, my main objective was ensuring consistency, feature parity and adherence to Material Guidelines to make the redesign seamless.

After successfully completing that task, my contribution to 5/3’s “digital transformation” expanded by collaborating with Zelle. I was given existing proposed workflows reflecting how Zelle would integrate with 5/3’s existing mobile platforms and asked to provide validated feedback. Relying on UX best practices I tested several iterations which were ultimately adopted and implemented.

Furthermore, I initiated the establishment of an Android Development and Design Guild, which proved instrumental in fostering peer relationships beyond my immediate digital transformation team. This collaborative environment allowed for knowledge sharing and continuous growth among colleagues.

Additionally, I was fortunate to have the chance to emphasize the importance of early engagement with UX. I strongly advocated for this approach, highlighting how it saves both time and money throughout the project lifecycle. This message was effectively conveyed when I had the opportunity to present to top executives including the President and CEO and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Overall, my experience at 5/3 Bank as a consultant provided me with invaluable opportunities to expand my skills, drive the importance of UX, and build meaningful connections within the organization and industry.

I plan on adding some artifacts from my time at 5/3. Please check back sometime sooooooon!

Navigation Study

As the leader of the mobile redesign team, I spearheaded a thorough investigation into various approaches for exposing the navigation to our users. Throughout this process, I researched both intricate and straightforward solutions, gaining valuable insights along the way. The meticulous explorations not only fostered meaningful discussions with the development team but also effectively showcased the possibilities to key stakeholders engaged in the conversations.